Saturday, 28 June 2014

Silver Cheers!

(Dedicated to my be(i)tter half on the completion of the silver jubilee year of my wedding on June 28)

Our metamorphosis into
‘made for each other’.
Over the quarter cent years.
 Walk past the memory lane,
Share the silver cheers!

 Mustnot so easily forget,
 All the promises.
 We made to us of sailing together
 for each others’ wishes.

 All those beautiful days and
 Never ending talk long  nights,
 That we justified together,
All the rights wrong and wrongs right!

 With the delicious elixir of love,
That my soul is still replete,
 That you lent me throughout,
 the journey rendering the melody sweet.

The sweet quarrels and bitter love
Through your speaking eyes with frowning lips.
And that we tasted together,
The shrill music carrying the love tips.

Our sojourn in the ‘inn’ on the way
In  dark nights and on rainy days .
Through curse and  boon and thick and  thin
We emerged together with shining rays.

The Providence gifted me with
The everlasting panacea of life.
That He created in you
My friend, philosopher and darling wife.

 O my darling, forget me not
 for my feelings are yet as hot
 as it was, when in my images,
 were you caught!

         ------------------ vishwamohan

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