Saturday 25 January 2014


God, forgive me for
I did not pay you the heed.
I kept turning blind eye to
what, in essence, is the eternal need.

Better I had followed your advice
Not insisting for this world of vice.
Not lured to this worldly race,
Not condemned to being stripped off your grace.

Not got ensnared to the mesh of desire,
Peace of inner self consigned to the profane fire.
And now dumped into the cesspool
Of hate, hanker, filth and greed.

O my all embracing Almighty,
Please tell, why not me paid you heed.
Fools learn not from their mistakes,
Wise earn from others experiences.

The poor me having now tasted the truth
Has blended You to my inner senses.
I must rid me now from the archaic tweet,
‘Who forget the past is condemned to repeat’.

O my father, free me from this nitty gritty,
Take me to your lap of eternity.
Drag me out of the pool of this mundane greed,
Shower the benign Grace on your ignorant kid.

Want nothing my lord, call me back instead,
Pray you my All, will ever internalize your heed.
Bestow upon me gradually the heavenly nap
O my Entity, fold me to your unfolding lap.


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